Our 10 Top Tips

Things that can really make a difference



Tidy the garden – people often buy a house as much on what they see and feel of the garden as they do of the main accommodation itself.


Prepare your house for viewings. Your property is lived in which is to be expected but if at all possible ensure that your home is clutter free, clean and tidy to give the very best impression to prospective purchasers. Keep large pets outside while viewings take place. If you are unsure about any aspect do not be embarrassed to ask your Scott Beckett representative for advice.


Be sure of what is included within the sale. If asked by a prospective purchaser be aware of your probable intentions for items such as carpets, curtains, blinds, light fittings, cookers, fridges, freezers, greenhouses and garden sheds.


If several prospective buyers are interested in your home, pick the one who’s most likely to see the process through, not necessarily the one who makes the highest offer. The safest buyers to choose are buyers who’ve already completed on the sale of their own homes, first-time buyers, buyers who have sold their home subject to contract and cash buyers. Purchasers who have not yet sold their home are to be taken very seriously but will not be in a position to complete a sale as quickly as may be required if your ongoing purchase is dependent upon the sale of your existing home.


Conveyancing is the legal process in the sale of a property. Use a recommended solicitor or licensed conveyancer with a good local reputation to deal with your transaction. Scott Beckett work closely in conjunction with numerous local solicitors and conveyancers and are more than happy to make recommendations if required.


Choose an Estate Agent to value and market your property with extensive experience of the local market. Scott Beckett are an obvious choice on this basis with over fifty years experience of selling property in the local area.


Decide on your asking price – be realistic and base your price on comparable asking prices. Scott Beckett will offer professional advice on where to set your asking price and give the reasons for their recommendations. The advice given is however only a guideline – ultimately we act for you and not the other way round, a fact unfortunately not seemingly remembered by all Estate Agents.


Allow your Estate Agents to negotiate on your behalf – they are after all the experts. Scott Beckett will thoroughly check a prospective purchasers position prior to forwarding any offers to vendors in order that we can supply the vendors as much accurate information relating to a purchaser and their purchasing position as possible. We will also handle and advise on all negotiations.


Establish a potential timescale. Once a sale is agreed it typically takes six to eight weeks to proceed to contract stage but does this fit in with you? If you have a particular time scale you wish to work towards then Scott Beckett will be more than happy to inform prospective purchasers on your behalf.


Scott Beckett need to know if you are going to be away or out of circulation for a period of time. If you are going on holidays, let us know. In the modern world of mobile phones, emails and communications it does not cause a problem to be away as long as we know we can contact you if need be. A smooth transaction can sometimes be dependent upon us being able to contact you wherever it may be!